We would love to inspire you by creating retreats that are complete feasts for your senses with beautiful yoga practices, a chance to connect to nature, and to be introduced to local culture.  Each retreat is carefully planned with attention to the teachers, the locations and soul enriching experiences. 

Every teacher who guides you throughout these retreats come with unique experiences and deep knowledge of the practice that they can share with you.  Beyond that, the combined teachers not only enhance and compliment each other, but also energetically feed the whole of the experience.  You'll not only get to to know them as teachers in these retreats but also as people as they join you for the planned activities during your time together. 

The locations we have picked will each have something special about them.  From tropical beaches, to an expedition upriver to a rainforest paradise, cave explorations, island excursions, we invite you with us.  As we visit these scenic sites and ask them to share their stories with us, we are also asking you to share your stories, and let these experiences enhance your life story.

We invite you to come away from the grind of the every day by connecting to a different way of living.  Allow yourself to completely sink in, to savour the taste and texture of the practice, on and off the mat.  Let the yoga be part of your lives for a week.  Let the practice be an exploration of yourself and of the universe around you including the people and the gifts from Mother nature.   Let go of the everyday and step into the uncommon. 

Allow these retreats to reconnect you to your own deep strength and the magic that lies in your veins. 

We humbly invite you to our home.